Oct 3, 2012

Windy. Cozy. Hot Chocolate.

It is fall. In my house. 

Isn't that garland just adorable? I am really proud of it.
And it was way super easy to make. I found the pattern for the leaves here.
I just traced the patterned leaves onto scrapbook paper, cut them out, and  strung 'em together. 

My mantle just screams: 
Windy. Cozy. Hot Chocolate.
(Along with a touch of: Halloween. Candy. And Orange!!)

I didn't even gip halloween this year. That BOO sign makes up for the entire holiday. And as soon as November 1st rolls around, a Turkey will take its place :)

Just wait til December 1st. 
My house will be a sparkly-winter-wonderland.

Eek. Can't wait.

love you lots, emma.

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  1. WoW I thought your pics were from a mag! Talk about FAB!


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