Nov 13, 2012

Holidays on my mind...

Last week we're running around in shorts and flip flops and this week we're trying on winter hats at Target, and scraping frost off our windshield?!?! Texas is prepping us for our our trip to Utah next week and all the cold weather they're having. Well, Utah, I want you to know that we are ready for you. Bring on the cold!!
Also, I can't waaaaait to see you Emma!!

I've been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving and how it's not really happening for us this year. Of course we're still thankful for our many blessings but we can't really celebrate since there is a WEDDING the day after Thanksgiving! (I'm also missing out on Black Friday but I'm going to act like this isn't a big deal.) So I've decided that since I won't be having a Thanksgiving meal, I'm going to learn how to make sweet potato pie and I'm going to make it, when we get back from our trip probably. Oh, and I'm totally going to take pictures of it ;) Because, you know, that's what it do :)

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