Nov 28, 2012

One very fun trip down, two to go


We are back from visiting Emma and fam in Utah. Cole and Annabelle always have so much fun together, I'm so glad that we are going to back in less that a WEEK! How crazy is that?!
A few fun things we did:

+playing with those puppies (SO FUN)

+Emma and I were able to go shopping by ourselves while the boys watched the kids and they watched the BYU game so we didn't feel bad :) We also found some awesome things at Savers, probably my all time favorite store :)

Now, we're just trying to figure out when Henry will decide to arrive. I secretly think he's waiting until I come back but we shall see! I know Emma wants him sooner than that! :)

After spending another week with Emma, Cole and I will be making our way to Washington for Christmas and we basically won't be back to Texas until the new year. That is a LONG time to be away but we are excited to be with family :)

Happy Holidays!

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