Dec 5, 2012

Things Around Here

We've been doing lots of Christmas-y things around here. Like decorating our lovely Christmas tree.
And opening our adorable advent every day (one that my amazing mother made!)
It's the first thing Annabelle wants to do in the morning 
And chocolate for breakfast is okay for the month of December, right? ;)

And with this baby due any second, I've been trying to soak up every moment with my girl. 
Like watching her while she sleeps
I'm so anxious to meet my little man, but a part of me is sad that this chapter with Annabelle is coming to a close.

It's actually officially coming to a close.
Tomorrow morning.
Around 9 am.

That's right.
I'm getting induced.
And I think the little Miss is excited to meet her little brother :)

And well, so am I :)

love you lots, emma.

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