Jan 24, 2013

A few things that are making ME happy

Marie's happy list made me think of all the things that are currently making me happy! So, let's get straight to it and start talking about my hair. haha, I feel like I talk about my hair all the time, but I really just don't have normal hair so I can't help it! {sorry in advance}

Like Marie said, I love the sulfate/paraben free shampoo from Walmart called Simply-U because you can get a HUUUUGE bottle for only $6. So awesome, plus it works really well :)

But I think what I love even more is Moroccan Oil. This stuff is amazing and works wonders for frizz and static and is basically a dream come true for someone with hair like me living in Dallas!

I have no idea how much it costs because my friend Bekah gave it to me for my birthday last year. (Everyone should have a friend like Bekah, am I right? ;)

Next up is a big one..........I'm chopping my hair off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm chopping it off in like a week or so. This is huge for me because for as long as I've been alive I have never even wanted to get my hair trimmed because I've wanted my hair to grow long. But I finallly had a wake up call the other day: MY HAIR JUST DOESN'T GROW. It will never grow long because it just won't. If it grows much past my shoulders, the ends just start breaking off and it's awful and yeah. So I made the big decision and I'm getting it chopped so that my regrowth from having a baby (two whole years ago btw) will be the new length of my hair. I'm picturing something like this:

Minus the bangs. I'm not sure if my hair can really look like this but everyone seems to think I'll look good with short hair so I'm just going with it. This is so huge for me; I'm soo excited!

Ok, I think I'm done talking about my hair. So let's move on to more important things like MY SISTERS!! My sisters and their instagram feeds are making me really happy lately :) Who doesn't want a daily update on their nieces and nephews? Not only are they cute (probably the #1 word in my vocabulary right now) but they are also hilarious. I often find myself LOL-ing at my phone ;)

Lissie, I hope you know that this means I expect you to get on IG asap. Having kids is not a prerequisite. ;) But I think your username would either need to have "love" somewhere in there or a "22."

And last but not least, the new header on my photography blog is making me very happy.

It's simple and I love it. Thanks to Marie for suggesting the cute little slogan ;)

Happy Thursday!

love, Lulu :)

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