Jan 8, 2013

A handmade gift


This is what Cole got for Christmas: a box of blocks with cute scrapbook paper modpodged to them! This idea was from Emma; she has made an adorable set of blocks for Annabelle and this was my boy-ish version. Cole definitely plays differently with his than Annabelle does with hers (namely he throws them and builds towers just to smash them down....) but overall, I think it's good to at least have some blocks in the house, which I didn't before. They were so easy to make and they turned out pretty cute too :)

Now I'm off to redecorate Cole's room! He now has a big boy bed! (dun dun dun....) and after spending a week at Emma's house, I have the urge to decorate mine just like hers! (I keep telling her she needs to post a tour of her house, but she did just have a baby so I guess I'll give her a break ;)

And fyi, our sisters blog is not dead! Lissie has informed me that she will be posting a "super duper cool video" soon. I can't wait to see what it is!!

love, Lulu :)

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