Jan 16, 2013

Doily Hearts

I honestly wasn't even going to decorate for V-Day this year, until I got a call from Marie reminding me of all the fun you can have with a mantel. 

 I'm glad she made the call ;)

I decided to go the cheap route and do something that I can keep up til Halloween.
(But let's be honest, I'm sure I'll get sick  of it before then) And then I found those sweet doily hearts at hobby lobby for a buck! Ka-Ching.
Valentine's Day is in the bag!! 
You can call me Master Double Cheap.

Now for a little input:
I had those white flowers on hand, but should I grab them in pink to go with the holiday better?

Well I hope this made you all feel a little more lovey-dovey.
I mean, how could doily hearts not do that to you ;)

love you lots, emma.

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