Feb 13, 2013


A shout out to my sisters! I don't do this enough do I? I've just been feeling really spoiled by Marie and Emma especially. I'm not sure why they're so good to me but they are.

Let me show you.

First of all Emma has always been such a thoughtful and generous gift giver. She has never missed giving me a birthday gift, even with living far apart from each other. And when she posted a picture on her IG of a fur rug that she'd gotten at IKEA, all I commented was "I need!" because I thought it was so cute and because it would be perfect for newborn pictures. I promise I wasn't somehow asking her to head back to IKEA and go buy me one and then ship it to me! I promise!!! But that is exactly what she did! Is she not the most generous and thoughtful person ever? She just knew that I would really love it and she genuinely wanted to do something nice for me!! I love you, Emma! You are so kind and I looooove my fur rug!


The package that the rug came in also came with the most adorable card from Annabelle that was perfectly decorated with fairy stickers and her little doodles and a special note from her to Cole. Such a sweetheart (oh, and sorry Cole punched holes through the fairies with a pen :/ It is now safely hanging on our fridge where he can't reach it.)


It doesn't end there though. I was having people over on Friday evening and I was feeling a little....I don't know...blah about how I'd decorated my mantle and other parts of my house and so I had this wonderful thought of calling Emma up on skype and showing her around our apartment so she could give me some decorating tips! This was like the best idea I have ever had!!!! Emma has such an eye for decorating (you might want to email me for her skype name....) We re-did my mantle and it looks a million times better than it used to, even if it still looks pretty simple; I only have so many decorations on hand.

IMG_7517February 2013

Yes, the doily hearts are from her too :)

Moving the mirror from our bedroom to the mantle has made such a huge difference to our living room. It really opens up the whole room! Not sure why we ever had it in our room where no one would ever see it. Emma so willingly helped me with the whole thing; with the bar counter (or whatever it's called) and moving those pictures above the fridge. I seriously wish she could just come here and decorate my house for me but for now skype will just have to do :)


Thanks again Emma! What would I do without you?

Now on to Marie!! Out of no where a few weeks ago she emailed me this new timeline header for my photography page on facebook. She bought it but decided to give it to me and she even took the time to help me decide which pictures to put in the slots which I then sent to her and she filled for me and sent back. And she was the one who helped me come up with the new slogan "all you need is love."

How did I get so lucky to have such thoughtful sisters? I don't feel bad bragging about my sisters because they are like my #1 fans whenever I post anything on my photography page or on my blog ;) I can always count on a comment or a like because they believe in me!! (My mom too:) I love you guys so much! Everyone needs and Marie and Emma (and Lissie too!!) in their life!!

Thanks you guys for making me the luckiest sister in the world :)

Love, Lulu

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