Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey wassup everybody?! Happy Halloween. ;)
I thought I'd just give you a little update on my life real quick...

I'm a college girl now. All the way in Rexburg, Idaho at BYU-I-do. Mmmhmm. No Allred girls will be getting married soon though. You were probs wondering. 

This past Saturday I got accepted into the Dance Department, so I'm a dance major! What what!

I'm on the ballroom collegiate dance team. Totes fun. 

I abbreviate all my words now. 'teves. (=whatever)

My roommates are the best! One of them looks like T-swizzle. 
We were going to have her dress up as Taylor Swift and the rest of us be her ex-boyfriends for Halloween but...I felt like being pregnant was  a pretty popular thing to be this year, so I just decided to be that.
Life is really busy but I'm lovin' it! I'm excited to see Emily at thanksgiving and then the rest of you at Christmas next month! 

Total, true, love,

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