Feb 5, 2015


Hello? Hi!! Just checking in here on our good ol' sisters blog :) It's been a while, obviously. The three older sisters had babies all around the same time last year and this blog here did not survive through that time of change ;)

We've tossed around the idea of starting up this blog again, but we're still figuring it all out. So for now, I thought I'd update you on our lives right now!

Marie is the cutest hip mama of four adorable kids. Doing an amazing job home-schooling them. She is pretty much super mom! I look up to her so much!


I (Lulu) now live in the same state as Marie! 2 weeks after Logan was born, in December 2013, Steve graduated from chiropractic school and we moved to Spokane, WA, where he took his first job. (No wonder I haven't blogged on here since then;) We love where we live! Washington has been so good to us.

We're lucky enough to spend Christmas with ALL of Steve's family this year...which hasn't happened for 4 years! That means family pictures were in order today! At the end of the marathon photoshoot we snuck this one with my phone :) Christmas has always bUntitled

Emma gave birth to cute little Sawyer in March 2014 and just a couple month after that, Jake took a job in NYC, so they made the big move to the east coast! It was a little bit of an adjustment for Emma at first because living in the city with three little children is not easy! But I think if you asked her now, she would say that she loves it there :)


And little Lissie is all grown up now ;) She is now attending BYU in Provo, UT, majoring in Dance and German. She's having a blast living the college life.


There you have it! A very brief update on us! Until we can figure out a blogging schedule that works for all four of us, you can find us on Instagram where we all post pretty regularly :)


Thanks for following along! :)

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