Hi, I'm Emma: the cooking-sister. Mwa!

If you'd heard me say that a year ago, though, you would've laughed.out.loud!
I grew up in Germany where the ovens are much smaller, they measure in Celcius, and broil isn't even in their vocabulary, so getting used to American ovens was a challenge.

Mom's Famous Italian Rolls
Lesson #1: Let rise in warm area.
Well of course the oven qualifies, I had afterall seen it done on cooking shows. It needed to be on a warm setting, and the next closest setting to OFF was BROIL -- voila. I'll put the dough in a bowl, covered with a glass top, and wait for it rise. On broil. Doesn't broil sound like a friendly setting?
Mmm, well....
* the glass shattered
* but I picked out the big glass shards
* shaped the rolls
* baked them
* and fed them to husband.
I fed broiled, glass-chunked, italian rolls to husband.
And they were crunchy :)
Hi, I'm Emma: the cooking-sister.

Other things I love:

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