Jun 20, 2011

Bye, Bye, Bubblegum

Hey girlies!

Remember how when we first moved in, the girls’ room was green? The wrong green, naturally, because I'm so talented at trial and error. There were fuschias and emeralds and every other rich color in the rainbow. I figured colors I love to wear would transform well into a bedroom scheme, but whenever I walked by, I wanted to close their door. It was too much! So, when Mom came about a year ago, she helped me do my dream makeover! She sewed for like three days straight, and I painted.

I wanted a fresh and delicate European look. There are lots of whites and florals with a touch of ballet slipper pink and coral. It turned out perfectly and it's a breath of fresh air to walk by their room now. I love it!

And then about a month ago, I hung that black and white canvas above Juliette's crib. I didn't like the look of my tan walls against the black and white, though, so I decided that wall needed a pink accent. I loved the idea of her little tutu against a wall of pink. I brought home all sorts of swatches.

But argh! Of course I picked the wrong swatch! I couldn’t get a paint color right the first time if an interior designer came to the store with me! Okay, that’s slightly dishonest and dramatic; I think I got the blue in our living room right,

and I love the color I just painted Liam’s room (Walmart's Barely Jade).

But man. We have a paint store in our garage because I fail all the time. And now to add to our swatches (I have such fun naming them), we have a can of bubble gum pink. Ew. Sticky, Barbie, ewwwww. It’s sitting right next to Kermit the Frog Green, and it's all wrong...

It's not that I don't like Barbie and Kermit; I actually think they're great colors. I'm just finding I like more calm and subtle hues on my walls. Also, the below pictures don't do justice to how obnoxious it looks in life. Picture #7 is the closest. Introducing wrong pink (although again, it doesn't look half-bad in this photo):

After we finished, I stared at the wall good and hard. I tilted my head this way and that. I tried to like it, but if you have to strain your eyes and reach into the recesses of your brain to find the words to talk yourself into thinking it matches, well, it just doesn't. And it ain’t gonna.

And that’s what I told Husband.

That’s what I told he who painted all the baseboards white in our house; he who sanded and stained our bed frame and dresser; he who painted the endtable Kermit Green; he who painted our kitchen table and chairs;

the front door; the garage door; and all of the walls and ceilings in our house last year because I was tired of the flat sheen we had going on. I know I'm forgetting other things he's painted for me. Factor in that I never get the color right the first time and you probably have a migraine--like him, because I know he'll help me paint this wall--again. And maybe again? Nooooo, please not again!

“Some people might think it’s cool,” were the exact words he chose to try and cheer me up about Wall Bubblegum.

Do you guys think it's cool?

He didn't let on, but I know he wants to throw my projects out the window. Poor guy. No matter how hard he tries to stay away, that big heart of his picks up a paintbrush every time.

I mean, really. Can you expect him to resist this:

I'm just too much fun!

I do have better luck with picking spray paint colors, however. I spray painted the address numbers on our house the other day. They were once gold and now a lovely shade of silver. You should try it! Easy peasy, and it cost me nothing! (Personal paint store…you remember.) I also took several bottles to nine tires. Oh, and last week I almost sprayed a belt to match my red outfit. I still think I might do that.

Alright, I'm out. I've gotta go to Lowes with Bubblegum and see if they can whip her into Ballet Slipper. Ah, what the heck. Maybe I'll get Kermit a makeover, too, and find something new to paint!



PS. Check out the delicious knobs I put on my kitchen cabinets. They are the perfect thing to pretty things up until I can take paint brush to ‘em. Teehee.

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  1. I LOVE your knobs on your kitchen cabinets. They are so awesome!! I think i need to find some just like them. I also really love your table and chairs. I think I need to learn how to do that. You have become my newest decor icon. :)

    As far as the bubblegum wall, I don't think the color is bad . . . unless you're trying to match the ballet slipper pink you have in the first photo. Then maybe it doesn't work. Just as a combo anyway. I make the same mistakes with paint color. But I have to live with them because I didn't get the chance to have anything repainted. Good luck finding the right color!


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