Hello! I'm Marie, and my introduction may or may not be a rap song: 

Yo yo yo---I'm five foot fo,
I’m white and a little bit Filipin-o.
My eyes are hazel but sometimes green.
To a handsome florist and three babes, I'm queen.

First things first, I’m a stay-at-home mom
My two girls and one boy think I’m da-bomb.
Right back at ‘em, I love them fo sho
I fancy my life, just wish it would slow. 

What up, Washington is where we live
The buckets of rain here is no misgive 
But when the sun shines, this place rocks my world
Surely an artist came, and with His paintbrush twirled. 

I love taking pictures, clickety click.
 Marie Photographie equals photo magic
My style sparkles with life and shimmers with whimsy  
Love, light and fashion inspire me deeply

I'm enchanted with clothes and love boho-chic
I adore scarves, tall boots and shopping overseas 
I heart Goodwill, cuz I'm a thrifty momma
There are treasures in there for any trendy diva. 

I could squeeze my sisters, I love them so much
This blog helps us share our finds and keep in touch
Long live us girls on Notes She Wrote! 
Woot-woot! for this blog, and that's my endnote.