Jul 11, 2011

Say What??

I thought I'd get my Katie Couric on and interview my sisters about random childhood stuff...

(Do you like how I'm using my pencil as a nose-picker? I learned that move as a wee babe. Had to go to the ER a few times for getting erasers stuck up there. I'm way more careful these days. :))

Lulu, Tell us what you'd do when Emma would sleepwalk/talk.

What did I do?! Hmm, I pretty much just sat back and watched, and got some good laughs out of it. :) Well, actually Emma had an intense six-month "sleepwalking/talking" phase of her life at about 10 years old.

Once she started running around the house, sobbing and saying "There's a balloon in my head!!!!!!!" And another time it was "I need a man!!!!!!" And then she would wake up in Dad's arms and wonder, "How did I get here?!"

But the craziest time Emma slept walked, I couldn't "just sit back." Late one night, I heard her get out of bed and saw her start to climb her dresser drawers. On the other side of this dresser it dropped down forever far to the flight of stairs below. So, of course, I got up to see what she was doing, knowing she was probably sleep walking.

She started walking across the top of our dresser like it was a tight rope!! I held on to her tight and guided her back down because if she had fallen off the other side, she could have DIED!!!! I want to say it dropped down like 15 feet! Seriously. I pretty much saved Emma's life. Emma, you owe me. ;)

Lulu, you and Emma were roommates pretty much your whole lives--even in college; what's Emma like when she first wakes up in the morning?

Uh, what's Emma like when she first wakes up? If only you could experience it first hand. Let's just say that when Emma has to wake up earlier than she's ready, it's almost as if she's forgotten that you're her sister. In fact, she's forgotten that you're a human being altogether. She hates your guts and will send death glares your way. She hates the world and how everyone is out to get her and ruin her life. Her half-conscious brain imagines zipping up your mouth with a real zipper (Yep, zippers. I know this, she admitted it to me once) to shut you up so she can PLEASE just sleep!

To sum it up, she's charming in the morning--an absolute gem. I wouldn't change those happy-go-lucky, early-morning memories of me and my sweet lil sis for the world! I love you in the morning, sweet, adorable, loving little sister of mine!

Lissie, when you were about nine years old, I remember you stole and hid Emma's guitar so that she couldn't play her number for the annual Christmas Eve music night...can you tell us why?

Haha, no. I can't remember! She probably wouldn't let me come in her room or something. But whatever. That was my weapon of attack for anyone who made me mad. I'd hide their stuff! Everyone makes fun of me for it now. What's up with that? It works!

Emma, remember that mouse that crawled up Lulu's pants?

So, we're outside our new house cleaning up sticks, and weeding, in the midst of big mounds of dirt. We're all just chatting when Lu suddenly starts SCREAMING her lungs out.

"It's in my pants! Ahhhh. It's on my leg!!"

I immediately assume it's a bee, and tell her to shake her leg - GET IT OUT! (Right?) Now she's shaking, and crying, and totally shutting down, when all of a sudden a MOUSE crawls out of her pant leg. A MOUSE!!

That mouse did WHAT to my sister? Oh no he didn't. I was furious. She was just on the ground sobbing and shaking; I hated that mouse!!! So, I went and grabbed a shovel, found the little demon, and went after it. That mouse would die!

Unfortunately, our sweet mother told me I shouldn't be killing little animals, and reminded me of the hamster I once loved and adored. So, I let the ugly thing go...

Emma, What's one of your favorite memories of Lissie?

Well, besides her hiding my guitar (cute wittle Wissie-Bear), my next fav memory is of when she'd recite every.single.line of Lilo & Stitch back to me. I'm not kidding. Tiny five-year-old princess knew that movie like her favorite dress.

It was seriously the cutest thing!

Lissie, How does it feel to be the only sister still living at home?

Well...there are pros and cons. Let me tell you.

Some Cons:

-I have to rely on just wearing
my clothes.

-Whenever the family picks a movie to watch, it's never a chick flick anymore.

-I tell Mom about boys and stuff, instead of you guys, and I don't really get the same reactions. :P

-I have to do the dishes more frequently.

-Now, Mom thinks
my phone calls are long, even though they're way shorter than any of the phone calls you guys ever made. (Especially yours, Emma dear) My phone calls are just longer than the boys'. But that should be a given!

-My shopping buddies are now the boys, which is sorta good and bad. Christian tells me everything looks good on me. Bryant is too opinionated. And when they're together they're just goofy and embarrass me in front of all the Germans. But we have fun.

-I'm constantly missing you guys.

Some Pros:

-I'm truly "Daddy's Little Girl." I can get him to do pretty much anything. Right now, I'm working on trying to get him to dress up for the new Harry Potter movie with me.

-I get more allowance.

-I get to look forward to seeing you guys again.

-But let's be honest. Being the only girl is mostly just bad.

Lulu, have you always been such a fashionista?

Fashionista?! Haha, I wouldn't call myself that. But yeah, I was even less of a fashionista when I was younger. One time our Aunt Jaymi (very hip lady) sent me some capris in the mail. I didn't know what they were and thought she must think I was very short, so I gave them to Emma.

Lissie, Marie is 13 years older than you--do you have any memories of her?

Just of her and Emma using my feet as a microphone. :)

Just kidding. Of course I have memories of her! I remember all the sleepovers we'd have in my little bedroom every time she came to visit from college. We would talk about every single person in my elementary class. She must've been soo bored...until I got to the boys I liked, of course. I always saved those for last. :)

But probably my favorite, and one of my earliest memories of her is when I was at kindergarten playing at the little playground in the back, waiting for mom to pick me up. I was super surprised when I saw Marie walking up to the playground, instead! I had no idea she was back in Germany! I ran up to her and gave her a big hug, and we walked home together. :)


I think we'll end on that sweet little note. The perks of being the interviewer. It kind of redeems that super embarrassing picture of me singing into her feet. Sort of. :)


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  1. Cute! I love this idea. I think I might do something like this with my sisters.


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