Apr 23, 2012

Matching Skirts!

So, here's where we've been. Mom graduated on Friday with her Bachelors Degree, so we all went down to UT to celebrate with her and have a girl reunion! It was awesome. I could only stay for the weekend, so the others are still down there partying without me. And by partying, I mean watching American Idol, dreaming up baby names for future children, taking a gazillion pictures, shopping, massage trains...etc. (We do know how to party.)

And Mom made us all wrap-around skirts! So here's three random pictures that caught my eye from the shoot of us wearing them in the orchard. Isn't she so sweet and talented? She also took the group shots!  Anyway, I just got home tonight so there wasn't time to edit more, but I'm sure you'll be sick of these pictures by the time we're done posting them! :)

XOXO, Marie

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  1. Beautiful sisters! Super cute skirts! Where did your mom get the idea/pattern?


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