May 7, 2012

A Kiss for Grandpa

I'm still sifting through pictures from our girl reunion last month! Can you believe it was last month that it happened? Crazy. Seems like yesterday.

Anyway, as many restaurants as there are to choose from in UT, we managed to have lunch at Kneaders twice. Their smoothies were delicious and I am now in love with an artichoke panini number I had there.

After our bellies were nice and full on Saturday, we caught a few hours of super fun shopping! We mainly hit up F21 where Mom spoiled us and bought us each a few love gifts. Next we went to Sephora where we all had fun playing makeup. :)

Last, but not least, we went to a family gathering at my grandparent's house where we got to see so many loved ones! I LOVE that last photo of us giving our sweet grandpa a big grandaughter-ly smooch!

What a wonderful Saturday it was!

XOXO, Marie

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