Dec 11, 2012

a little sunshine for you...

IMG_4984JulietteDaisies2012Web IMG_4738JulietteDaisies2012 IMG_4858JulietteDaisies2012 JulietteDaisies2012-4 IMG_4838JulietteDaisies2012 IMG_4906JulietteDaisies2012 IMG_4758JulietteDaisies2012 JulietteDaisies2012-2Web IMG_4913JulietteDaisies2012 JulietteDaisies2012-1 IMG_4994JulietteDaisies2012Web JulietteDaisies2012-3Web

JuJu will be 3 at the end of March, and tonight I finally edited her 2-year-old photos, which I took back in July. She's always sunshine, this girl I love.

XOXO, Marie

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