Jul 25, 2011

It's Date Night!

Dearest Sisters,

Husband and I are pretty good lately about dubbing every Friday night date night. I mean, it’s not hard. We’re both more than ready to spoil ourselves after a busy and exhausting week. I’m definitely happy to not cook, and dodging the dinner dishes is a must! Anyway, we take turns deciding what we're going to do.

But while we're consistent, our date nights are not perfect…no, no, not at all perfect. You see, most of the time they are family date nights…if you don’t understand how having all three of your kids along qualifies, well, that makes two of us! But really, it’s better than nothing, and that’s the price you pay when your cheap. Actually, I think we’re just spoiled. Often my mother-in-law will watch them so we can go on a date, but she recently broke her ankle, so that’s out! Okay, so we’re spoiled and cheap.

Here’s how our date night went down the other night:

I fed the kids something out of the microwave, and then we all went out to eat. And yes, what you’re thinking right now is accurate. It was a nightmare. When was the last time you went out to dinner with a baby who just discovered her inner piercing scream will get her just about anything she wants in .2 seconds? Especially in public. Oh, and baby is wearing her jammies, which is cool because you’re ahead in the bedtime drill, but it kind of feels like white trash now that you’re sitting at the restaurant drawing all kinds of attention to yourself.

Next up, I’ve got my three-year-old pirate doing ninja moves any chance he can, usually topping off his karate chop with a spin on the floor. Along with his costume, he’s wearing mis-matched sandals because he’s become a bit attached to his airplane flip flops and doesn't care if one is lost--he's still gonna wear it. And honestly, I don’t care, either, because it’s Friday night and there’s a rule on Friday nights that the only person that must look decent is me.

So anyway, Husband’s eating his yummy burger as his french fries disappear into little hands. I’m trying to enjoy my Chicken Caesar Salad as tiny fingers also find my croutons. Before long, the french fries and croutons have completely vanished (my chicken, too), and the fork is going into my mouth about oh, every third bite. They’re even eating my lettuce? So much for feeding them beforehand, right?

Husband and I actually managed to get some great laughs out of this evening. It was hysterical to be calling the above episode a date! On our way home we picked up a Redbox movie, which is something we do A LOT. Redbox, baby. If I pick the movie, then I might manage to stay awake for it, but if he picks the movie then there’s a 100 percent chance I’ll fall asleep in his lap. And that’s the way the night usually goes down.

I think we have a little room for improvement, no?

So, I googled some date night ideas for inspiration:

Here is the first (bad) recommendation I found:

1. Go out for pizza. Ask for the pie to be cut up in the shape of a heart.

Uh, seriously? I don’t think so. Not doing that.

Another winner:

2. Bring home your favorite fast food and serve it on your best china.

Isn’t the point of fast food to NOT have to do dishes? That’s just not gonna cut it. We don't have china and we don't do dishes on Friday night.

Ultimate winner:

3. Give each other haircuts.

Uh, no thank you. I’ve done that before.

Okay, but for real. I need some good ideas, so on we go...

4. Take turns singing cheesy out-of-tune songs at SingSnap.

Oooh, we’d be such naturals!

5. Make yourselves the biggest/craziest ice cream sundae ever.

Yum, yes?

6. Take a tour of the house you someday want to own.

We used to do this all the time--super fun.

7. Shop for the perfect frame for your favorite picture of the two of you.

Thank goodness I'm in charge every other week or this would never fly!

8. Stop at a fancy bakery and pick out a treat for each other.

This might require a trip to Europe to accomplish, darn. :)

K, girls, so it's obvious I need some help. What have your date nights looked like lately?


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  1. Even though I'm not a sister I thought I'd share my ideas. :)
    1. Teach one another something. For instance, one time we did this Rashad taught me how to throw a football and I taught him Thriller (the dance). By far one of the best date nights we've had, both humerous and team building.
    2. Recently Rashad has decided we should to ABC date nights. So the first date night was something that started with the letter A so we went to a local restaurant that serves Asian food. For B we went to a baseball game. For C we played card games. For D we we made homemade donuts. And so on. We've made it to H and since he moved to Charlotte we're on hold but icabot us to think outside the box and try new things. Should be interesting to see what Q and X will bring. :)


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