Aug 1, 2011

A Penny for your Pin

Happy Monday Morning!

Have you guys become as obsessed as I have with Pinterest? It's genius, and a quick browse easily turns into an hour-long affair for me if I'm not careful! It's definitely inspired me silly, especially in the hair department. Who can feel good about a ponytail when the likes of this, this and this are floating around Pinterest with captions like "so easy!"

I'll tell you what, a lot of the hairdos are indeed easy, but most of them don't look that great with my signature side kinks and thin hair. But, inspired by this pin,

I did manage to go out in public with a fancier-than-normal do without feeling like it was a mess of bobby pins. I need to practice more, and I think next time I'll try and get it to come more from the side.

See my kinks? And my awesome "bangs" that are finally growing after loosing so much hair after having the baby? I'm just glad they're not sticking straight up in anymore. :)

K, next up, Emma bought me these awesome dishes at Goodwill last time she came to visit. Actually, she bought them for herself and I cooed over them so much and did things like this...

and this...

...that she left them as a thank-you for me. She is the sweetest and always knows how to give the best presents! But unfortunately, Husband thinks they are way too 70s and will have nothing to do with helping me hang them on the wall. He will have nothing to do with hanging any kind of dish on the wall. He said something about grandma??

But hell0. Don't they go so well with my pictures? Or maybe you're with Husband...speak up, speak up! So, in hopes of convincing him that hanging dishes on a wall is totally cool, I've been searching Pinterest for cute dish collages and boy, I want to go on a dish hunt and splash whimsical dishes on every other wall in my house ...maybe for date night this weekend. :)

By the way, that second one is fabric hoops! Be still my heart.

Okay, next up. Frames used as earring hangers. Husband actually made me this several years ago. I painted an old frame and he attached the wires for me on the back. I LOVE this thing. It hangs in my bathroom right next to the mirror above my sink and it's so practical and so cute! I think I just need a bigger one now. Or perhaps a collage of earring frames?? I'm a bit of an earring junkie and one 5x7 just isn't cutting it.

Here are some bigger ones I found on Pinterest:

And last but not least...ornate frames! I found this one for a BUCK at a garage sale a few weeks ago and hung it above my daughter's bed. I looooove it!

And some cool pins of ornate frames:

That's all for now. I'm trying to be less long winded. I've noticed that I'm the sister with posts a mile long. I just get on here and I can't stop talking!


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