Sep 26, 2011

Crazy Amazing Makeover

Hey there...

It's almost Halloween... Wanna see something really spooky?

Boo! That's scary me! I have a frightening case of the uglies when I get up in the morning. :/ All I can say is thank goodness for showers and makeup! Not only was I scary me, but my hair needed help--BAD. And I'm sure you noticed my side kinks in all their morning glory. Uh, huh, go ahead and take back all your remarks about how it's not that bad. I get the jitters every time my eyes look up, too.

But lucky for me, Ash (Em's SIL who I ADORE) came with Em to visit for a few weeks not too long ago, and I got a makeover! She's an awesome hair stylist, and just as she was about to start coloring my hair, she said, "Let's take a before picture!"

Uhhh, no way, Jose! I'm thinking. But then something possessed me to say, "Sure, go for it!" And apparently I'm still possessed because I just posted it on the internet. Okay, okay. I'll stop talking about that. :)

So yeah, Ash worked wonders on me, and just an hour or so later had me transformed into what I think looks 500 thousand moons better.

Can you believe it? That's the same girl you gawked at a few minutes ago!

Thanks so much, Ash, for working some crazy amazing hair magic on me! I know everyone want's Ash's number. Don't worry, just shoot me an email and I'll hook you up. :)

 Xo/xo Marie

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