Sep 23, 2011


Hey yo!

We're gonna mix things up and take a break from the weekly Friday vlog.

I know you're all probably crying right now because we were so good at that (ha!), but don't fret, we'll still probably vlog from time to time, especially Lissie with her rockin' voice, but not weekly. Whew.

Feel better, sisters??  :)

So, not too long ago I got really inpsired by the photographer/designer Charla need to check her out! Pure art over there! Anyway, every once in awhile her and her two sisters do this photo collaboration project where they each take a picture that represents a word.

We wanna try that every Friday! So, I know you're all thinking: Marie! You're a professional photographer, are you sure you're not just trying to get out of vlog Fridays? ;)
And the answer is: No! The sisters are so excited about this project! And they are getting so good at photography, so fast! (Proud big sis right here. :))

My dream is for us to be the 4 photography sisters!

This is a way for us to get creative together and hopefully improve our photography skills, too!

So, I got to pick the first word, and I picked SWEET! Here's a picture of my peachy sweet little cousin that I photographed while I was in UT a few weeks ago. :)

Next up, a super creative picture from Lulu called "So Long Sweet Summer":

Emma's sweet, sweet baby:

And Lissie tempting us all with this!

Hope you all have a super sweet weekend in every way. We can't wait for next week's word. Lauren picked SPARKLE!  Feel free to join in and link a sparklin' picture of your own! :)


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