Oct 31, 2011

The Honest Truth about Halloween

Sisters, sisters. I am not like you. You come up with brilliant Halloween ideas. Emma, your were a farmer and Annabelle was a chicken. That is perfection.

Lulu, on your way to your Halloween party this weekend, a lady told you you liked Taylor Swift and sure you enough, you were dressed up as her. Ding! And Cole was Nick Jonas? Ding! Ding! Once again,  perfection.

(Lissie, I can't wait to see what you came up with!)

You want to know about me?

I was nothing. I'm no good at Halloween. Tear.

In September I get a touch excited about coordinating all the kids' costumes; I even entertain the idea of Husband and I getting decked out, too. But I wait too long, procrastinate too much, keep the sewing machine hidden away.

And then BAM. Out of nowhere Halloween is in 48 hours and I got nada.

I think last year was our best yet... we almost had all three kids coordinating. Isabella and Liam were a bride and groom...and Juliette was a bumblebee because, you know, bumblebees hang out at weddings. I think I loved last year so much because the bride and groom pictures turned out so funny!

This year, as usual, I asked Isabella what she wanted to be for Halloween and figured we could coordinate from there.

Isabella: "I want to be Batman Ballerina!"

Me: "Alright...let's all be bats, okay, Liam?"

 Liam: "No, I'm going to be Ninja Diego!"

Me: Don't you want to be a bat? Or Isabella, how about you be Dora!"

Insert wailing and flailing here.

Okay, okay. Batman Ballerina it is. Go (Ninja) Diego Go! And somehow Juliette ended up as a sunflower princess. Naturally!

There's always next year, right? JK. I loved their costumes and how they completely came up with them on their own! :)

Happy Halloween!


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