Nov 7, 2011

Something Frilly

Hey girls!

So, you remember when Emma said we had big plans of doing a photoshoot with Annabelle wearing her handmade birthday dress on the beach? Yeah, that didn't happen. 

We only went two places while we were in Hollywood: church and Target. It was just too crazy trying to make our original beach idea work with all of our kids in tow in such a busy, strange-to-us place. I can only imagine the horror of trying to keep track of all of my little water babies right alongside the Pacific while trying to take pictures of Annabelle! Not to mention the stress of  braving the roads to find a quiet beach and parking. Yeah, parking, we told you about the parking down there. 

But all was not lost! We did the next best thing! We walked out the front door and about 10 feet away from the apartment, we found some ivy on the wall of an alleyway. So, I buckled my baby Juliette into a car seat next to me, and we blocked my two other kiddos from the road and then I got busy shooting! It was still a little crazy! Liam kept bringing me little shards of glass he'd find, but it was a lot more convenient and there definitely wasn't drowning involved! 

Bottom line is, I am SO glad we made time for this! Gorgeous Annabelle in her sweet birthday dress makes me want to dig out my sewing machine from the far corner of my closet and make something frilly! 


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