Dec 12, 2011

Gonna Find Out Who's...

Hey Girls,

Well, we all know who made the naughty list today. Yes, yours truly. You'd think after last week's post I'd be a little more punctual with today's post. Not so.

To sum things up, I've been feeling like Dori from "Finding Nemo" lately. I'm behind. I'm forgetful. And I'm a little dramatic about it. But I am really happy to "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" through this crazy life of mine.

So, late I am, but with a great story to share about how Isabella is at the top of Santa's nice list!

While I was making dinner the other night, she was sitting at the island talking to me about what I thought was going to be a pretty random story, and I honestly wasn't as attentive as I should've been.

"Mommy, remember when we were at The Dollar Store a really long time ago?"


"And I found that little bear?"

I didn't exactly remember, but I gave another "Uh-huh."

"Remember how you told me to put it back where I found it?" she sobs.

Wait, what? What did I miss? She's crying! Why is she crying?

"Why are you crying, sweetheart? Are you okay??" I asked as I dropped what I was doing.

"I put it back, but I didn't put it back where I really found it," she said. "I lied. I'm so sorry!"

More crying.

I don't know that this story is going to touch anyone else quite like it did me, but anyway, I went over there, and I hugged her even though I had to have her explain herself a few more times--did she steal the bear? I was so confused about what she was apologizing for. I couldn't believe that she was so torn up about this little white lie--so torn up that she told me that the bear belonged in isle two when it really belonged in isle four. It was just so, so sweet to me that this was weighing on her and that she apologized and told the truth, not because she was caught or because what she did wrong was anything huge, but because she knew what she did was wrong.

If there's one thing I'll remember about this December so far, it's the gift of having a little six-year-old girl with integrity. Yes, to the top of Santa's nice list she goes!


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