Dec 5, 2011

I Should be Punished!

Hi there,

I can't believe I'm posting at 10pm. That is just unacceptable, and I am so sorry!

I remember when us sisters started this blog, Husband had the idea that there should be a public punishment for anytime someone missed posting on their day. And he even wanted to leave the choice of punishment up to the readers and then have us vlog whatever the punishment was. He thought that would be so funny and we were like, uhhh, I think not! And besides, it is still Monday, even if nobody will read this post until Tuesday! Okay, okay, I might entertain the idea of a punishment for posting so late.

But you all have to agree, that for a last-minute Notes She Wrote poster like myself, Mondays are a tough day to post on! Mondays are just so busy, and my house is a wreck from the weekend, and my to-do list is thiiiiiiis big. Sometimes just before midnight is the best I can do. But no worries, I will try to be better. :)

Yesterday we had a lovely, lovely Sunday that really got me into the true spirit of Christmas. First, we went to church like usual and heard some wonderful testimonies about Christ. Next I came home and skyped with Mom and Dad. The best part of that conversation was teasing my kindergartener about a boy at school that I overheard "she wants to marry!" What? Kids think of these things in kindergarten? Anyway, while she was blushing and giggling because I had brought this boy up, I slyly spelled out that she wanted to m-a-r-r-y that boy. I didn't want to remind her, of course, that's why I spelled it out. And then she sat right up and said, "I know what you just spelled."

"You do?! What?"


Insert more giggles and a surprised me! I guess that nifty little spelling trick won't work so well on my little schoolgirl anymore. And I guess that little story wasn't at all Christmasy!

Anyway, after a nice chat with them, we went back to the church and saw a display of over 500 nativities! It was incredible and I have no pictures because my arms were full! So much for lugging the camera in there.

Our last and final stop was Grandma Rise's house. We had a scrumptious dinner and then watched the wonderful annual Christmas Devotional given by the First Presidency of our church. Lastly, we opened up some early Christmas gifts from Great Grandma (the fancy holiday outfits my kids are wearing in the pictures) and helped decorate the Christmas tree.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


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