Jan 2, 2012


Thanks to our baby brother, Bryant, we now have some updated pictures of the four of us! Thanks, B! He is a complete natural with the camera.

So, let's see. What should I tell you this first Monday of 2012?

*I've been living off Christmas goodies. I just discovered today that there is still some Nutella left in the cupboard! Yesss.

*I've been eyeing our new tramp out back. I'm trying to decide if I want to risk my life and do a back flip like in the olden days...

*I wore one of my new Goodwill shirts today and I love it! Oh, and I've been meaning to tell everyone that all Goodwills are NOT created equal. Up here in Port Orchard, I think we have it pretty good. Down in Cali? Yeah, not so much.

*I made a goal to set some goals.

*And lastly, Juliette is squealing in her crib so it's time for me to sign off and go grocery shopping so that we can stop living off of Christmas goodies.

XOXO, Marie

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