Jan 9, 2012

Monster LOVE

(Before I even begin, I have to give you a dog-ate-my-homework excuse for my tardiness...
Ummm... The monsters are really photogenic?) 

So, hi! We all know that Emma is a rockstar when it comes to giving gifts. I think she's secretly one of Santa's fairy elves, and guess what? She drew my family's name for Christmas this year! And I didn't really think much of it until Christmas morning when all these handmade gifts came one after another! I think she may be the first person I've met to actually execute all the cuteness she finds on Pinterest. Actually, I take that back. Lulu also made the kids sock bunnies! (Check back next week...for those pictures :))

Anyway, my heart still does a happy dance every time I catch a glimpse of the monsters Emma made my kids because, well, let me show you Juliette's monster:


Sisters, and sister monsters, make the best friends, don't ya think?

Ahhh! Monsters! Hide!

And you better believe Liam got his very own boy monster that he loves to snuggle up with...

But she didn't stop there.  She also made them a matching game out of Jenga blocks! She told me she found the generic brand of Jenga blocks at Target for real cheap and then glued scrapbook paper to them.

My girls LOVE these blocks and do adorable things with them all the time.

Like spell out "I love you."

And that's not all she made for us. She also made Isabella and me beautiful lace earring frames. Here's Isabella's on her dresser. She can't wait to get her ears pierced now!

And I can't forget about the APRONS! I love these Emma-made aprons so, so, so much!

And gah! Did I mention how my heart throbs for these monsters? Thanks so so so much, Emma! You amaze me!

XOXO, Marie

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