Jan 16, 2012

Handmade Nighties

Happy MLK Day!

It's looking like we are going to be snowed in today! The kids are on cloud nine looking out the window. They're waiting patiently for more snow to fall before they pounce. Should be fun!

So, I'm guilty on at least five accounts of giving my mom my sewing projects. I struck out again this past Christmas. I had high hopes of making my kids and their two baby cousins matching handmade Christmas jammies. And then the next thing I knew my family arrived and it was practically Christmas Eve and still no pajamas. So, our sweet mom offered to help, and a few hours later she'd whipped out these pretty nighties for us!

We used this pillowcase pattern for the girls, and concocted our own pattern for the boys and they turned out oh so fabulous! One of my favorite things about the nightgowns is that we just pinned that red flower on for Christmas Eve, but since then I've taken it off, so it's a nightgown that works year-round. I think my girls look so dainty and sweet in their nightgowns that are so beautiful, they could even be worn as a dress!

 Thanks, Grandma Lisa! We love you!!

XOXO, Marie

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