Jan 23, 2012

Phototips: Won't You Be Mine??

Hey girls!

I've been antsy to put together some cutesy Valentines for my little kindergartner to take to school in a few weeks. I was super excited to find some freebie templates over at Florabella. All you have to do is like her page and then you get access to some fun downloads! I took myself to school today and figured out how to tweak them to my liking...anyway, now I'm all into design mode and don't want to stop! :) Maybe I'll figure out how to give you all access to download these cards I put together, but as of right now, I need to get dinner on the table!

Below is my first spin on one of Florabella's cards:



And card number two...



There is also a free snow overlay that you can download. What do you think? I think it's kind of fun and kind of cheesy/fake at the same time. :) I think it might look more real if I added it to a genuine picture of snow falling.

And lastly, there was an awesome vintage frame template that I think comes in really handy for all kinds of things like a blog header or an album or even a Valentine card!

Let me know if you decide to go play with these Florabella downloads! I'd love to see you what you come up with...plus I think it's a great way to learn more about the wonderful world of Photoshop!

XOXO, Marie


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