Jan 30, 2012

Love Rocks

As I was perusing some blogs I love last week, I stumbled upon a fun Valentines idea over at my friend's blog, The Copycat Crafter. She introduced me to love rocks.

What are love rocks, you ask? They're rocks that you paint with your kids, and then you put them in a jar somewhere easily accessible. And then throughout February, whenever you do an act of love, like make someone's bed ect., you take a rock from the jar and then leave it on their pillow. :)

So, last Monday night, we gathered some rocks, paint, our little artists, and got to work!

We even let our littlest munchkin participate.  She had a ball painting herself!

But when it came to trying to paint her eyeballs, we decided to intervene. :)

So, it's been exactly a week since we came up with our love rock jar and it honestly hasn't been the biggest success. I think I've only left one love rock. :/

I'm just impressed that someone left me any! The other night when my son should've been sleeping, he instead brought every toy he owns (including his big hurky tool table) into my room. When I came upstairs to hit the sack, it was tricky dodging all the toys in the path to my bed. But when I made it there, I found a huge pile of rocks on my pillow...

Yep, LOVE ROCK(S).  You better believe I was feeling the love, and I never thought a giant mess and a pile of rocks could make me feel that way!

XOXO, Marie

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