Feb 20, 2012

Bangs, Bangs. They're In.

So, girls. In case you haven't heard, bangs are in. I just thought I'd pass that along since I had no idea. I just went in for an innocent haircut. Ya know, trim, trim, here. Snip, snip, there. And then the lady asked me what I wanted to do with my bangs. She waited until the very last second for that question.

Her: "Alrighty, I'm pretty much done. How do you feel about getting some bangs?"
Me: "Like full-on bangs?"
Her: "Yeah, it will look cute on you. Bangs are in."
Me: "Oh. They're in? Well, sure. Why not? I've always wanted to try that. (What? No, I haven't. Words just came out.)

It was an "if I told you to jump off a cliff, would you?" type scenario. She said they were in. I said, okay then, as if there were no other alternative.

And here they are. I really hate the above picture of me, but I felt bad not posting at least one of the ones Hubs took of me since he went to all the trouble. :) Looks like Edward Scissorhands went at my bangs from that picture. haha

Anyway, I've decided I like my bangs much more when my hair is up. It makes my regular blah hairdo feel a little more fancy, and it makes me feel a little more Zoey Deschanel-ish. I like Zoey.

So, yeah. I think it's a fun change. And it gives me options. Like bobbypinning them out. Or wearing them straight down or swept to the side. The only way it doesn't work is to let them go free style. Yikes. Must use blow dryer on these babies. Or else.


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