Feb 10, 2012

Picture Book: Romance





I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pret-ty romantic after viewing this collection. Nice job, girlies! Lu, the lighting and setting in yours is so timelessly romantic! I feel like yours and Em's totally go together. Makes me want to go scribble a love note. (I think I will.) And Miss Lissie, I'm loving the Ralph Lauren feel to yours. I think you need a signature perfume now. :)

Anyway, seeing these pictures was getting me extra excited for date night tonight, but then I remembered that it's just going to be me and the grocery store. :/ Not the most romantic date in the world, strolling the isles alone. But I do get this big, huge feeling of love and gratitude in my heart when I think about how Hubs will be working super late at the flower shops tonight, getting ready for the big V-day. Hope you lovely ladies are all getting some flowers! And I hope you all don't mind my Friday Picture Book commentary. Just felt like blabbing is all.

XOXO, Marie

PS. Next week's word is SECRET.

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