Mar 19, 2012

10 Loves>>>>> DC.Boston.NY

1. Shopping.  I went shopping in Forever 21 around midnight, and crazy enough, it was even busier then than it was during the day! I didn't buy a thing, though. Weird. I guess I do my best shopping when my sisters can give me feedback on what to buy/what not to buy.

Oh, and that huge "billboard" above the F21 store front is a flat screen TV! Times Square kind of looked like a vertical outdoor ad cinema with all the movies climbing the sky. I didn't know where to look with my eyes being pulled in so many directions. It was all definitely fun to see!

2. The Metro. We took it everywhere! While Hubs was in meetings the first day, I even bucked up and figured it out by myself. For some of you, that might not sound like much, but you sisters know, this is HUGE for me, especially considering I didn't even get lost. And you better believe I showed Hubs the ropes the next day, like I was some expert. (In reality, the people in Boston were so sweet to me. All I had to do was have my map in hand, and people would offer to help me left and right. I love you, Boston.)
Yes, public transportation is a beautiful thing. Minus the part where it's usually too crowded to get a seat, let alone a seat next to your guy.
Oh, and the metro stations in DC were particularly photogenic.

3. Les Fleurs. We got to tour Winston Flower's enormous design center in Boston. It was so fragrant and beautiful, and we got lots of inspiration for our flower shops.

4. American flags. I've never seen so many! Here they are patriotically surrounding the Washington Memorial, but I saw them everywhere, especially in New York. It was awesome.

5. Aurelie. This is a totally washed out picture of us, but I love it just the same. She was one of my best friends in high school and it was fabulous to catch up with my adorable French friend! She spoiled us with a delicious dinner at her new apartment. I also got to meet her husband for the first time, and he is a sweetheart! So happy to see my friend so happy. I want to go back already. Alexandria, Virginia is the cutest place ever.

6. Skyscrapers. I've never taken so many pictures of buildings in my life...gotta say, I much prefer people, but I also gotta say, I enjoyed photographing all the architecture more than I thought I would. I could insert 500 more pictures here of buildings and sites, but I won't.

7. Cherry blossoms! There weren't many out yet, but there happened to be a few trees in bloom around the capitol!

8. Our brother! We walked around DC, got lunch together, and caught up! I love this guy!

9. Arlington National Cemetery. We came here on our very last day; it was our final stop before heading to the airport. We we were super tired and hungry, but I'm so glad we made this detour. It was such a reverent place and you couldn't help but feel really, really grateful.

10. My guy. I got a getaway with my favorite person in the world. Too bad strangers have a hard time maneuvering my monster camera, leaving us with a blurry shot. But hey, sometimes those are the best kind, right?

Alright, well that scratches the surface, anyway! It was a sweet trip!

XOXO, Marie

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