Mar 12, 2012

A Good, Good Day

Having just got home from our trip late last night, there simply wasn't time to go through all my pictures and do our east coast escapade any justice today, so I thought I'd just share a favorite picture I got of our brother Matthew in DC on Saturday! He was sweet enough to accommodate a tiny photoshoot, even though I could tell it wasn't his cup of tea. What can I say? He loves me. :)

And man, it was so good to see him! I hate how growing up often means miles and states and oceans separate you from the ones you love most. It stinks bad. But I'm grateful for the day we spent together. I feel like I have an extra close bond to Matthew, simply because we're just two years apart. Of all seven of us siblings, I have the most childhood memories with him. And I pretty much love him to pieces. Always have, always will. Isn't he handsome??? Seriously, I'm still jealous of those eyes of his!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot today about how family is everything. Having almost a week alone with just Hubs was pretty dreamy, and yet I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited to see my little munchkins after nearly a week of being apart. I spent today mostly just playing with the three most amazing kiddos on planet earth, even though Mondays are crAzY, and my to-do list is trying to eat me.  But who cares. Today was a good, good day. Coming home always is.

 XOXO, Marie

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