Mar 5, 2012

East Coast Baby!

Tomorrow Hubs and I are taking off for Boston to go see Wintson Flowers, an uppity flower shop he's been in love with for a long time. We can't wait to tour the shop in person, and hopefully get some inspiration for our flower shops!

Hubs will also be attending a flower convention while we're in Boston, so I'll have a day or so completely solo. So, while he hits the books, I think I'll look for photo ops like this one. What a cool bookish picture, taken in Boston! I love me some J. Crew photos.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

Actually, I'll probably go shopping. I love shopping and he hates shopping, so that'll be the perfect thing to do while he's in his meetings. I hope I don't get lost. Knowing me, I should probably count on it. :/

And I'm praying the cherry blossoms will be in bloom...even though my kids won't be there.

What are blossoms without children to play in their midst whilst I photograph them? Okay, 

enough Jane Austen talk from me. Moving right along.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

After Boston, we're going to rent a car and drive to NEW YORK for a few days. Again, it's a TRAGEDY that I won't have any subjects to photograph there, other than Hubs, of course. Something tells me he's not going to want dress up in a flowy dress and dance across the city. Meet me there, Lissie? It's really not that far from Germany, you know.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest
Source: via Marie on Pinterest

Last, but definitely not least, we're taking a bus to D.C. to spend a day or so with Matthew, our brother just younger than me! I haven't seen him in a few years and I can't wait! Seeing him is definitely the thing I'm most looking forward to about our trip. Maybe he will let me take pictures of him?? At the very least, he's going to show us the ropes and play tour guide for us. He's lived there for several years now. It will be so fun to see some of the sites with him!

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

Oh, and I just found out I'll get to see Aurelie, one of my best friends from high school while I'm there, too. I better get packing! LOTS to do before take off! Check back next week for my photos!

 XOXO, Marie

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