Apr 9, 2012


Hubs called me a hard-core Easter mom for staying up really late on Easter Eve sewing a dapper bow tie for Liam. Unfortunately, I didn't have all the right stuff to make a snap-on one, so I had to make a REAL bow tie. Do you know how hard it is to tie those things? I still can't do it. It took three Youtube videos and a hard-core Easter dad to make it happen. But oh my goodness, so cute! Now that I know Hubs has a real skill for tying them, I'm going to make lots more. I think he needs one for every color in the rainbow. Polka dots. Stripes. Argyle. Mmmmm.

Oh. And notice the new crew cut on my handsome little guy? Yes, I told him he needed a haircut, and while I was distracted on the computer (shame on me), he took matters into his own hands and went snip-snap crazy with the scissors, resulting in me having to buzz his head. I don't know that I'll ever give him a real haircut again, though, because the shave-it-all-off approach was so easy!

Hope you guys had an awesome Easter, and I'll see you so soon!!

XOXO, Marie

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