Apr 2, 2012

The Art of Collaging...

Ever since I saw this picture on Pinterest, I've been dreaming of doing something similar up our stairwell.

And I finally collected enough frames and things to make it happen! I have to admit, it's been an bigger and harder project that I expected, and I'm still not done!  Anyway, I'd love your honest feedback to some questions I have:

1. The colors. What do you think of the FOUR hues I have going on here? Normally, I know you're supposed to stick to three colors, right? I guess I broke the rules and I'm wondering if you think it works? Is the dark blue to much? Too bright? Too bold?

2. Should I paint my tan wall a different color? If so, what color?

2. Pictures. Should I put all B&W in them? Should I do all beach pictures from our last vacation? Should I do all kinds of non-matchy pictures?

3. Do I need more frames? I really like the way my collage is looking when I look up or down the stairwell, but when I look at it straight on from my couch, it seems kind of sparse....

4. Essay Question... spill your guts here________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Just kiddin', sort of. But really! Tell me the truth! I need some fresh eyes!

XOXO, Marie

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