Jul 16, 2012

Date Night--Take 2

Remember that riveting post I wrote about date nights, and how we used to take our kids on dates with us? Well, I'm here to announce some improvements. Guess what we do now? We're in a date night co-op with three other families where we take turns babysitting each other's children for three hours on Friday nights so that the other couples can go on dates. So yeah, last Friday night you would've caught Will and I together, romantically counting 13 heads constantly, playing UNO, kissing boo boos and being really thankful that we don't really have 13 kids because I ain't gonna lie, I think I'd go a little cray cray if this were a full-time situation. Because it is-- it's crazy. And we love it. I mean, seriously people. What's not to love?

...princesses, babies, sisters, running in circles after the boys, popsicles under the tramp, tears here and there, a butterfly net and baseball bat... friends forever. It doesn't get better than this.


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