Jul 30, 2012

home sweet home

This summer I've been working really hard on keeping things alive in the front yard. It's a pretty huge deal that our grass is green and the flowers are still kickin'. Whether I'm getting my green thumb on or not, I'm just happy to have this home of ours. This might sound weird (I don't know?), but I kind of have an emotional attachment to this place and sometimes when I daydream about us outgrowing it and moving away, I get all teary. I can't imagine the mess I'll be when that day really does come. This is our very first home sweet home and I love it here.


PS> I think us girlies need to get in more pictures! What do ya say that next week we HAVE to post a picture of ourselves?? :) Afterall, I do need to show you how I dyed my hair jet black on accident. Eeep. Bottom line, I miss your pretty faces.

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