Aug 6, 2012

Me... 100 Years Ago, Sort Of

Hey girlies,

So, as promised, here are some photos of me. Not that you wanted them, but I want to see pictures of you guys, so I figured I better get the ball rolling! (Hello, Em's pregnant and I haven't even seen her cute belly yet! Has anyone else? I didn't think so.)

It was actually kind of a fluke that I had these pictures taken of me the other day. I was taking pictures of about 100 girls at Girls Camp, dressed up as though it were 100 years ago, and at the end of the shoot, my friend Andria convinced me to get in some. And I thought about how we're all posting pictures of ourselves this week, and figured, why not?

Anyway, I wanted to also post a bunch of pictures of the girls I took pictures of because they are such beauties inside and out, but they're taking forever to load. So check back. I'll try and add some tomorrow.

XOXO, Marie
PS. K, I'm back. Here is a small sampling of the beautiful girls I got to photograph. We did our best to dress them up as though they were living in the Edwardian era because this year is the celebration of the 100th year of Girls Camp! I have a feeling that this isn't how the girls dressed for camping back then, but whatevs. A 100th anniversary calls for getting dolled up.

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