Aug 13, 2012

Sequins and Sparkles

We partied hard today, celebrating Isabella's 7th (seventh!!?) birthday. She woke up to a fancy breakfast of Trix cereal and a Skype visit with Mom and Lissie. Lissie even sang her a birthday song, which I'm hoping she'll record and sing for all of you. Then we headed out for a little spa day of sorts. First, we got her ears pierced and did some shopping. I noticed a "sequins" and "sparkles" theme in everything she picked out. We took a break in the middle and went out to lunch with her Daddy-0, and then we both went and got manicures. Last but not least, we had a big family birthday dinner for her to end off a wonderful day for our sweet girl.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

 XOXO, Marie

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