Aug 20, 2012

It's Not Easter

Hey there, I got to Emma's house in UT a few days ago for a little family reunion! Our little brother Christian got in tonight and there's pretty much an airport run every day for the rest of this week. We are so excited! I'm not gonna lie, though. Today was a little crazy. Emma told me she'd take us to the pool that she goes to all the time. And uh, well, we drove past it like three times. She wants to blame it on being pregnant.

I quote, "I can't explain it. My brain just stopped working."

And then she dropped two glasses in a matter of like 30 seconds. Shatter... (herd the children, sweep the floor, whew.) And then SHATTER. It was really funny. I hope we're not stressing her out?

And then she messed up the brownies (majorly), so we made another batch, which was only a hair better than the first batch. Has anyone seen our mad baking skills? Cause they are very much missing.

And now all we really wanted to do today is watch Downton Abbey. Is that too much to ask? No, no it's not. We're gonna start that right now. I think it's midnight? But anyway, despite the craziness, the cousins are getting along grand... kissing each other in the tub and looking like adorable Easter children on Sunday.

XOXO, Marie

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