Sep 3, 2012

To Be Read In Your Best Darla Voice...

I spent all sorts of time making this silly little "comic strip," only to post it here and realize it's too small to read. So, I'll type it out, too. (Just pretend it's funny.)

Caption: "Hey girls. What do you say we get our picture taken?"

Left: "Oh dear me. Annabelle told me to put my hands on my lap, but I really just want to take Fiona's bracelets. Sigh. She so fancy. Yep, I'm gonna have to snatch those bangles.

Middle: "I do wish the others had tidied up for the picture. Am I the only one with a clean face and clean dress? My, oh, my. It's tough being boss.

Right: "Hee. Hee. Mommy isn't here to tell me to sit like a lady. But I must be on the lookout--she's got eyes on the back of her head!"

Left: "Oh, Mommy. You know me too well. Yes, of course I will smile sweetly for 5 bags of candy, 3 ice cream cones, fruit snacks&chocolate&cake&everything I want.

Middle: "Sitting still is pretty boring."

Right: "Pssst. Guys. You're never gonna believe this, but I snuck Mickey Mouse into our picture. Now smile!"

The End.

So, there you have it-- my very first comic strip. I think I'm going to step aside from the photo biz because I obviously have a real talent for this. :)

XOXO, Marie

PS. I know it's hard to see, but Mickey is on Annabelle's diaper. You're welcome. :)

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