Jan 21, 2013

Happy to be Alive.

Here's a list of five things that are giving me reason to do the happy dance lately:

1. Downton Abbey. I love that show. My favorite character is Matthew Crowley, hands down.

2. I'm just about finished updating my Marie Photographie welcome packet, and while I'm not sure I'll be doing many sessions this year, it's fun to be prepared in case I decide I have time for it, and in case people want me to take their photos! It's been so fun to update things at my own pace, low stress. I love it.

3. I feel completely spoiled, but I have three trips I'm super excited about this year. First, I get to go to UT for nephew Henry's blessing and our brother Christian's missionary farewell next week. Mom will even be there from Germany, so I'm super pumped for that. And then Will and I booked tickets for us and the kids to go to Cancun next month. And best of all, we're going to Germany to see my family in June. To say I'm excited about these trips would be the understatement of the year. I can't stop thinking about it!

4. I don't know how I got this lucky, but I haven't had to make dinner for four days straight. I don't think that has ever happened. I'm in for a rude awakening tomorrow. It won't be too bad, though. I tried something different and planned out my menu for the entire month and then shopped for everything at the beginning of January, so I have all my ingredients on hand. Well, mostly. There are some perishables that I've had to go back to the store for, but it's taken so much stress out of figuring out what to make for dinner. It's also been kinder on our grocery budget. Maybe I'll post all the dinners/recipes/ingredients next week. It's pretty handy!

5. I finally learned how to do flat iron curls on my hair and I think it actually looks decent on me, and the curls actually stay! Oh, and speaking of hair, Lulu introduced me to this really inexpensive, but awesome shampoo called "Simply U." It's sulfate and paraben free and can be purchased at Walmart! I love that it's cheap and yet not stripping my hair of it's natural oils. I talk as if I know of what I'm speaking. I don't really. I just like the shampoo. And it smells super yummy, too. And my boys have been using Simply U gel and I can't stop sniffing their hair. haha, kidding. Sort of.  :)


PS. You guys should really hold me to a word count. My posts are always so long! (Sorry!)

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