Jan 29, 2013

Naughty, Funny, Lovableness

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I love how my kids set up camp wherever I am. I'm certain that if I was ever in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes,  they'd start filing in, one by one with toy after toy. Oh, wait. They do that already.

A few Sundays ago, they set up camp behind my desk while I sat blogging at my computer. All three of them were playing Memory together, and it made me really happy that they could play a game nicely without my help. (My babies are growing up!) Anyway, it reminded me of when my little sister Emma was born... she was the fourth child born into our family, and I was so excited because we would finally be able to play "duck, duck, goose" properly. I was disappointed when she didn't come out of our mother's womb walking and talking. So much for duck, duck, goose, I thought, exasperated. I'm pretty sure we dragged her on the blanket she was laying on, stuck her in the mush pot permanently, and pretended it wouldn't take her at least a year to really play with us.

So yeah, I couldn't help but notice how wonderful it was that they are all old enough to play games together. And they were playing so sweetly, too, until I busted out my camera, of course. Then they were trying to get each other to do monster faces, and before I knew it they were bringing up string cheese into my room to snack on (huge no-no), and pretty much getting away with whatever they wanted because I was in "camera land."

But apparently Juliette wants me to lay down the law because yesterday she was fussing at lunchtime about something or another, I don't remember. I kept trying to settle it, and she kept on throwing a fit, determined to be impossible to please. Finally, she said,


"Okay, sure! Go to time out. You're right, you do need to go to time out."

She stomped her feet into the bathroom (our designated time-out station), and slammed the door. A few minutes later she swung the door open with all trace of tears and anger gone. She lifted her arm up high and announced, "I'm HAPPY now!"

Liam and I died laughing. And we all laughed some more around the dinner table that night when we told Will and Isabella about it because I'm always sending the kids to time out and telling them to come back when they can be happy.

So, I guess what I'm getting at is that there's never a dull moment at this house--that my kids are naughty, funny and the most lovable little people ever.


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