Feb 11, 2013

My Blessing (The Chubby Side of the Story)

I sensed something was up, but didn't know what exactly I was in for. I kept hearing the words, "chubby" and "chunky." Mom was all snuggles as usual, so I knew everything would be okay.

Grandma Lisa cooed at me and said, "Baby Henry, how did you get "so chubby?" I love her.

She put lotion on my face...

...and then tried to get my blessing shirt (that she spent forever-plus hours crocheting) over my head. She  laughed a lot trying to do that.

I didn't think it was such a hot idea. I thought they should've been satisfied that the pants were on. Boy were those tight. With every move, I worried I'd bust that button. (I hear a similar thing happened with my cousin Liam. He didn't fit into his special outfit, either--not even the pants. I guess I take after that chubby, chubby chubster.)

I was surprised they wanted to try one last time.  Bummer it was another fail.

So, they did something they didn't do with Liam; they brought out the big guns and snipped the blessing outfit so it would fit. (Grandma Lisa said she would make another one later, like it was no big deal!)
IMG_7636UTFeb2013 IMG_7638UTFeb2013

Thank goodness for the break I got when Annabelle entered the room with her pretty makeup on. All ready for my big day. She looked so beautiful Mommy had to give her a smooch.


The scissors did the trick, and I was finally in! So, we took some more pictures with Grandma and Mommy. I still wasn't so sure about all of this.

But they tell me I'm an angel baby and that I looked pretty sweet in my blessing outfit, even if I was  feeling a little squished.
Anything for those girls.
Love, Henry

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