Feb 20, 2013


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Recently Hubs was Youtubing "The Piano Guys" with all three kids on his lap. (Highly recommend checking them out, btw!) I wasn't home, but he told me later that they were all mesmerized. He said after they were done watching, Juliette got out her toy piano and started singing and playing, and then stopped short and said, "I need close my eyes!" And then continued rocking out with passion. Hubs said it was such a hoot, and as you can see, Liam and Isabella have taken note of the keep-your-eyes-closed trick.

And then I caught them jamming together on Isabella's bed the other day. I love it when they do stuff like this! We have this secret dream of having a family band of some sort. Something fun for us to do together in our spare time. Sometimes in the car we daydream about who should play what. We just need to get cracking on getting some instruments and music lessons going on in this house-- for myself included!

XOXO, Marie

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