Feb 24, 2013

Missing Them.

IMG_6202SleepingBeauty2013 IMG_6749SleepingBeauty2013 IMG_7412MySleepingBoys2013

I've cried a LOT this weekend (a lot for generally unemotional me). To make a long story short, and I'm sure I'll be blogging more about this on my personal blog, but on Friday my family went on our family vacation without me.

Just hours before we were supposed to leave, we realized my passport had expired. So, Will flew solo with the kids on a red-eye flight to Cancun. After stepping foot in my house after dropping them off at the airport, the first thing I noticed was how empty and silent our home was. And then when I peeked in their bedrooms, my heart ached that their beds were empty, and there were no beautiful sleeping children to look in on.

Thank heavens I will have an expedited passport in my hands tomorrow so that I can soon join them!  Can't wait to kiss each of these beautiful faces!

 XOXO, Marie

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