Oct 5, 2013

We're Back!

After a six-month Notes She Wrote hiatus, I’m happy to announce that we’re back! (And three out of four of us are pregnant!) I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re using as our excuse for dropping the ball on this blog. Life happens, and sometimes you just need to eliminate things from your life, even good things. But it feels good to get to it again! We're going to ease into it by posting once a week instead of almost every day like we used to.

Next week we’re going to post some maternity photos of us… since who knows when so many of us sisters will be pregnant at the same time again.

My hubby is taking my maternity photos tomorrow, and so I went on Pinterest looking for some inspiration, and I have to say that most maternity pictures kinda want to make me gag--not a fan of guy kissing belly, but to each his own.

On the other hand, here are five pictures I was diggin. Wish me luck on my photoshoot tomorrow. And fair warning--I'm super pregnant right now! Only two weeks until my fourth arrives! So excited to meet this baby boy. And I'm also excited to bid farewell to the weird things that have come with this pregnancy---lots of sneezing, major bouts of clutziness, and waddling like nobody's business!

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