Oct 17, 2013

Maternity Shots As Promised...

Maternity photos from each of us pregnant sisters is coming as promised, but  Lulu suggested we post them separately, and for me to go first since I won't be pregnant for too much longer. (My due date is Sunday--hurray!) I'm thinking I will probably go late, but ya never know.

Anyway, here they are! It's always hard for me to find the motivation to have maternity pictures taken, but I never seem to regret it. It's fun to look back and see what I looked like pregnant with each of my kids, and I think my children will someday enjoy the pictures as well. At least I hope so! And a big thanks to my hubby for taking them and being so patient with me not liking most of them. I kept saying, "Just take like five more!" And he'd roll his eyes at me, knowing full well that wasn't the truth.

I think one of the secrets to getting good pictures is taking a million of them... the odds are in your favor that way. :)



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